About Linneah

Oh, wow. Hello. You've found me. I'm Linneah, and I'm a photographer turned videographer currently residing in New York, NY. I graduated with a B.F.A. in photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design in June of 2013. 

Despite dedicating 3 years of my life (and a lot of money) towards a fancy photography degree, I'm here spending most of my time editing and shooting videos... and I absolutely love it. It's like choreographing a dance, except I can be alone in a room with Childish Gambino playing in my headphones. The world can be quite shit sometimes, but what I love is seeing what you wonderful people do in reaction to that shit. It's in the darkest of times that the best of the best really shine, and I'm here to explore those stories. 

My work has traveled to cities across the world such as New York, Savannah, Miami, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Teplice Spa in the Czech Republic, and Paris. I'm also an actual chocolate addict. I've only just exited the period of my life when chocolate chip pancakes were my only choice for breakfast (although let's be real, they're still #1).